Guidelines to Authors

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Manuscripts should be submitted as per order: Title Page, name of author (s), Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements (if necessary) and References. If the Result and Discussion sections are combined, then a Conclusion section should be added.

Title Page:
The first page should contain a concise and informative title, the names and addresses of the authors and contact details of the corresponding author (postal address, e-mail, fax and telephone numbers*).
*Contact number must be provided for fast and effective communication
It should not exceed 250 words. In the case of short communications, abstracts should not contain more than 100 words. The Abstract should be informative as to why and how the study was conducted, and what the results and conclusions were. Key words: A maximum of 4 key words must be given at the end of the Abstract.

This part should define the background and significance of the study by considering the relevant literature, particularly the most recent publications.
Material and Methods:
Please provide concise but complete information about the material and the analytical, statistical and experimental procedures used. This part should be as clear as possible to enable other scientists to repeat the research presented.

Illustrations (figures), images and Tables must be inserted in the manuscript at the position they should appear when published.
Photos or drawings must have a good contrast of dark and light. Figures should be brief, but complete and self-explanatory so that the reader can easily understand the results presented in the figure.

Only MS word table format should be used for preparing tables. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and bear a brief title in capital letters normal face. Tables should not be very large that they run more than one A4 sized page.

Abbreviations, Units Etc:
The journal strictly follows the rules defined in the IUPAC Manual of symbols and terminology for physicochemical quantities and units.
In this part, the same data/ information given in a table must not be repeated in a figure, or vice versa. It is not acceptable to repeat extensively the numerals from tables into text and give lengthy and unnecessary explanations of the Tables and Figures.

This part must be written with reference to the tables and figures and by considering information from the literature. Statements made in the Introduction and Results sections should not be repeated here.

If necessary, a brief Acknowledgements section may be included.
References should be cited in the text in Arabic numerals as superscript. The references should be cited at the end of the manuscript in the order of their appearance in the text. Latest articles, books with latest edition must be referred and those references should only be provided as far as possible.

Journal Articles:
Tare H.L. and Thube B.B., “Comparative cardiotonic activity of some medicinal plants on perfused frog heart”, International Journal of Pharma Research and Development, 2010; Vol. 1(1): 1-10.

Book/Chapter in Book:
Rangari V.D.: “Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry”, Career Publications, 2nd Edition, Vol.-1, 2009: 242-246.
Ethics and Consent:
When reporting experiments on human subjects, authors should indicate whether the procedure followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation. Do not use patients' names, initials, or hospital numbers, especially in illustrative material. Papers including animal experiments or clinical trials must be conducted with approval by the local animal care or human subject committees, respectively.

Submission of Manuscript:
All submitted manuscripts should contain original work neither published previously nor under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles shall be accepted from any country provided submitted in English language only. There is no page limitation for articles; however authors must strive to present their results as clearly and concisely as possible. Authors, in their cover note to Editor, shall have to clearly mention whether the manuscript is to be considered as a Research article, Short communications or a Review article.

Manuscripts should be type written using MS Word (Times New Roman; Font size-11), single-spaced on A4 sized papers. Manuscripts should be submitted along with a scanned copy of ‘Transfer of Copyright Agreement’, signed by all the authors

Manuscripts will go through a rapid peer review process to adjudge their suitability and authenticity, for publication in the journal. A confirmation about the acceptance of the manuscript will be sent to e-mail address of the corresponding author. Please check your e-mail account frequently, because you will receive all important information about your manuscript through e-mail only.

Authors are requested to pay Rs.200/- at the time of submission of manuscript as a processing/publication charge.

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